Lucian is in such a bad spot, legit feast or famine. how is this healthy?

That last nerf to his lane phase really sucks ass. I used to be able to ult the wave if i was being pushed in now i legit cant do anything. Its hard to properly push the wave against the opposing team when u only have 500 range. You will get harassed every single auto. And the minute u try to trade back u will most likely lose that trade due to the fact that ur now facing 2 mages bot or melee champs that can heal back ur dmg and their all in dmg does almost like half ur hp. Its so bad i have to use a dorans shield just to survive the lane not even win it but survive. And dont even get me started on when the jungler or mid laner decide they wanna camp bot. I love how my team flames me that i do no dmg mid game when they didnt bother helping me
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