I hear Riot is nerfing Swain's skill-shot based root to address potential damage issues.

http://i.imgur.com/7UlKux7.jpg) There's this skill called "Nevermove" (aka always move) which cost's on average about 100 mana per cast and has a base cooldown of 18 seconds caps at (10 at **rank 5** (you mainly need the utility in lane at early levels to win lane and not be useless). This skillshot takes almost a full second to activate. Let's nerf it to address potential damage problems that he may have. A high pick-rate champion such as Swain has far too much access to high mobility, low cooldowns, and low mana costs. His current state of balance is completely unacceptable. So fuck you Swain. I don't even play this champion. It just bothers me when I see Riot nerf an under the radar champion in the wrong way and for all the wrong reasons (if any).
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