Idea for budding Bot lane Lucian without buffing Mid lane lucian

BUFFING BOT LANE LUCIAN. fucking auto correct. i didnt even notice. I love Lucian but so often I see him getting gutted every time a build comes out that can spike him super hard at 1 and 2 items. (Ghostblade into cleaver and now bork into cleaver) What I suggest is to slightly lower the bonus ad ratio of Lucian Q, and Ult, but then give it a damage scaling with his crit chance (like xayah e) I am not suggest to make any of his abilities able to crit just that they have a ratio that scales with crit chance. Lucian is never a problem when the crit build is the go to build. But right now building him crit is just so much weaker than his other build that he's been gutted because of it. With slightly lower ratios on his Q and R if he just builds regular AD items he gets less out of it. And if he builds crit items with the new crit ratio he should be pumping out MORE damage than his current crit build offers. This way Lucians mid game is what it should be with the crit build and his other builds aren't oppressive. Thoughts?
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