Fiora tips from the World's best Fiora F3ORA

Play with no items and get 1st blood then buy a BF sword for damage. Invade Red and ask for all 5 to invade red for team fight. Don't wear smite always only flash and ignight even if you are jungle. If you jungle with no smite always get enemy red then gank top or mid if there is no team fight. Don't top because top is stagnant for game play. Your jungler is probably bad and will never gank you. Don't hope on a good jungler. Go mid instead because bot will feed while you just idle with a tank. If you are a no smite jungler lane with mid or top but not bot. If you are a no smite jungler gank early game the entire map from 1-5 and start jungling after you have Tiamat built with a potion then just get red and gank. Don't actually farm jungle with no smite till you have a leech item. Early no smite jungling early 1-5 will drag you back in exp. Once you have full hydra farm jungle like hell even if you aren't jungle. Let your teamates cry. Take buffs red and blue from your jungle even if he crys because remember you are the actual carry not him. He is just claiming buffs because he's jungle but he really is stealing YOUR buffs. Try not to let him. It's more important that you have the buffs of either kind. Only let a teamate have the buff if you have a fresh one of the same type. Gank more than they do. If you are mid or jungle you are the team ganker. What that means is you go behind the enemy while they are pinned near a friendly turret with your teamates. Most junglers are bad and don't know their role as the team ganker. They have petty rules like they won't gank till level 6. Jungles that don't gank early are bad. Jungles that farm and don't gank when the team needs one are bad. They are called "blind junglers" for blind farming and never looking at the mini map. Breaking turrets is more important than kills contrary to popular belief. If you want to win the game that is. If you don't care about winning then it doesn't matter. The best player on the team is the carry. Many confuse who that player is. They follow the wrong carry. The carry is the one with the highest level on your team. It is the one who has the most cs monsters killed not kills. Although people who get kills get more exp than they used to it is still the case. Fiora is nerfed. They nerfed me because I was famous for my level 1 pentakills. The double lunge is gone. Although those are no longer possible it doesn't hurt to try. Fiora can still get 3 kills early game if you time it right. If you want to go for a level 1 penta try using a sword and 3 pots. I gave up hope so I try to build tiamat instead of buying the pots now. 1st decide if you want to win or troll. If you want to troll like I used to when I got 40 and 0 with the old Fiora it's harder now. You can still troll pretty hard for kills and get 50 and 6 or so. To win you break turrets. To troll you get kills. If you decide to get kills my advice is to farm more than anyone else does. Ignore the team fights until you have farmed up really big to full items. Now that you are 5 levels ahead of the enemy team with full items its a good time to start fighting them. Focus on weak champs who have overextended and stay on your side of the map. When you travel to the enemy side you put yourself in greater danger but now that you are op you can handle it. Try standing in a bush near one of their lanes. Wait with good patience for them to pass by close to your bush then jump out and attack. Use the bush buff in your mastery for this. The best place on the map to get kills is the bush just to the left of the mid turret on their main inner base. If you can coax your team to group in that bush or bushes near that you are going to be in good shape to get great kill streaks. Don't take lanes so seriously. It's best to be flexible than to idle in the same lane all game. That is cookie cutter thinking that most all the players of this game have. Good players don't call lanes because it's a waste of breath from dodges. Good players always are helping the weakest player on the mini map. They are taking advantages of positions on the mini map. When someone is in your lane don't type to complain just get 1st blood with them instead. Don't use the message boards. Everyone is just going to down vote every thing you do and be unsympathetic to your plight. I have never seen anyone in the message boards with any sort of insight to the game. So don't listen to anyone but me. If you want to be the best you should build critical early after Tiamat. Even a small amount of critical for 400 goes a long way early game. Without that little bit of crit it's really going to hold back your game play. Infinity Edge. I mean it's such a beast of an item. I use it on my Fiora early after Tiamat. BF or Crit 1st either. Now get some boots. Boots of mobility only. I mean... nothing else will do. I really like mercury treads but the truth is if you are trying to win you need that mobility. It gives you so much more ground than the other players who don't use the boots. More ground covered... More op. The only way Fiora can get away when she is low is if she has them. Getting away is a big problem for her too. I almost always get 1st blood. It's because I'm very aggressive. I use my flash and ignight and get it in when they try to 1vs1 me Early mid. Sometimes mid likes to joke around. Well they joked around with the wrong F3ORA. Getting 1st blood is very important to have that snowball edge you want. If you want that 1st blood buy all base non scaling AD runes. 100% AD runes gives you that 90+ damage you need to sink in that kill. Speed or anything else won't work well for 1st bloods. Static shiv. It's a mean early game item that just loads off monsters with your hydra and IE. It belongs as a companion to IE. Sometimes I drop it late game but rarely ever. But on Fiora it should never be her 1st or 2nd item but her 3rd. Bloodthirster. My god it does well on Fiora but I don't always use it. You need it if you want to solo baron. Essence reiver gives Fiora that CDR she's been longing for. When she gets it she gets that 30% CDR. She's gonna do better with 40... I use 45% I'm using 45% currently with the mastery bonus. To get that last 10% Hmmm Blue buff ^^ Phange makes her feel like Fiora. It gives her that fast run with her boots so she has the best of both worlds. Fiora can be a monster with early 30% Armor pen sometimes as an early item. Always try to fight the enemy 1 at a time with the new Fiora. She can no longer 1vs5 well due to the plecebo ult so don't hope to carry 4 bad players 1vs5 at the nexus anymore. Fight them 1 at a time and keep them with pressure on their side of the map split pushing or you are screwed. Timing is everything. Time that W just right to reposit a Yi Q or a Zed ult just right. You have to wait about two seconds with some champs like a Jax stun. When Teemo approaches you line up that W so his blind won't mess you over. When Tryndamere does his ult you need to ignight him just after he hits zero health then walk away. Go after squishy champs like ziggs and ashe. Fiora is a squishy killing master. She LOVES to swing bot lane and just camp it at level 6 for a double kill. If bot has two squishy champs certainly take it up. Never fight Illaoi. I've seen all the FIora counters. Illaoi was made just to annoy Fiora. Stay away from blitzcrank. It's no fun getting snagged by crank as Fiora. Although I welcomed it today and killed Blitzcrank I don't recommend letting him crank you for new Fiora players. Kayle ult can seem unfair for Fioras. Ward inside their base and jump over the wall with a Q. It really freaks them out. Hang near the last two turrets and troll for kills. But not too close. Stand just out of reach and they'll fumble to keep up with monsters while they fight you. Usually they'll fight you instead of keeping up with defending and it just makes the kills a little easier. Always go for the late Pentakill and kill the last guy inside their spawn and die from spawn lasers. You get the most op defending the last two nexus turrets. But it doesn't help for long. Even being majorly op vs 3 lanes of superminions it won't matter when you have to jungle 3 lanes of minions and a 1vs5 with a dead team. Never surrender in any game. Say that "Only noobs surrender in ranked." It's not fair to people who want to get ahead and do well. Some believe that certain games can't be won but I've won many games where they thought were fruitless single handed even with a horrible score. Don't do remakes. Having a missing player at spawn actually makes for a more fun game and gives Fiora more exp than she would of gotten. I've won many games where 4vs5 where I felt I did better with the missing player due to having more exp as the true carry.
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