Impossible to jungle if your team cant follow up?

so on my main account I usually jungle and the great thing about being a tank jungle is that you can gank pretty easy such as rammus or maokai, great cc, etc. Now I gank all the time and help the team so much that even the enemy jungler has become useless but still lose the game even though I have ganked and helped so many times. That's literally the only problem with being a jungler, you cant rely on your team to carry you, playing a tank jungler is nice but there's not enough damage there and you can only do so much, so the problem is how is it ever possible to win such an easy game when your team cant even keep up with all the great ganks and such, my gank kills usually always end up a waste and then the enemy team just always bashes us even though it is basically 5v4 because the enemy jungler has only ganked like 2 times all game. Im just saying im always getting useless teams who cant back up all the effort I have put in to watching map and looking out for the enemy ganks. And because my team throws all my ganks away it almost always ends up being impossible to get dragon.
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