Why in the world would you BUFF RENEKTON??

Okay i've actually had it with Riot and their buffs/nerfs, they literally don't care about ANYTHING except how a champion performs in Pro matches. If a champion isnt chose for ages, they buff them, likewise if a champion does good in the pro-scene, they nerf them, its ridiculous. The latest, buffing Renekton, an already overpowered champion in my opinion as a top main. This is a lane bully who supposedly "is designed to win the lane but falls off in the late game", well sorry but that is just stupid. Darius is a lane bully, as is Garen, Riven and Irelia, all strong champs who have ways of winning against them, but with Renekton, nothing works. Try to outdamage him? no chance, try to go full tank? He will just pop his ult and out trade and sustain you with his stupid heal. Try to kite him? he will just double dash towards you. stun and boom you're dead. And NOW riot decides to BUFF him? Say what you want about me being a noob etc. Ive been aplying league for over 8 years on various accounts so I know a thing or two about the game.
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