The Damage, what would you change?

So, for a long time now the boards have been full of posts about the damage creep in the game, so I thought I'd do this and ask the community what they would change. But let's make this a bit fun. The idea is that for every nerf to a champion, post a buff to someone else. I'll start. Nerf: Yas damage scaling. He should not suddenly be able to win nearly every 1v1 and many 1v2's as soon as he reaches 2 items. I feel like the issue here is how well his abilities scale with damage and crit. Delay his power spike until 3 items. Buff: Ashe slow. Adding ashe into the meta would add a bit more diversity. No longer would it be all about who can pump out the most dps, but who works with the team best. I feel like ashe dmg is ok for how it scales, but I would make her slow both stronger and last longer. Currently we have so so so much mobility in the game that adding a perma slow would actually be a really interesting and fun dynamic for both teams to play around on top of the cc potential she has.
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