Unfair matchmaking and why I HATE THIS GAME

Have you ever won a few games and the moment you get to promo your team fills with trolls and idiots ? Have you ever played **12 promotions** to go up from eg.silver3 to silver4 and those 3 games that you MOST DEFINITELY NOT lose in order to remain there are lost the moment you enter champion selection ? Have you ever realised that after all this god damn time the people are still writing in caps lock MID even though they are 5th pick they proceed to troll and feed if you will not let them go where they want ? And even if they go they will still feed ? Have you ever tried to give advice to one of your team mates when in minute 5 they already died 4 timed and all you get is *SFTU YOU IDIOT* ? HAVE YOU ? > Well....Let me tell you something . I have been through ALL of this at least 50 times(and probably so did you) and I am SO DONE WITH IT ! All you wanna do to this little fuckes is to find them and beat them like no one ever did beat them in their lives BUT what you CAN actually do to them is report them . Yep .... a report that doesn't even frikin work. So the conclusion ? You can't do anything to them . RIOT.HONEY. as much as i like this game ... I HATE the comunity and I HATE the fact that you are not doing anything to fix it. **How to fix it you ask** ? Well let me tell you how. There is even another game(that I will not mention) that uses this system and it works pretty good... and it's also logical: 1. You get the people LIMITED REPORTS. Let's say ... 7 reports a week . One for every day. Once those reports are given to people that deserve it more or less, you cannot report anyone until next week . That way the players will keep the reports for those who really deserve it. 2. You actually CARE about the reports . IF that player get's reported multiple times in a short period of time he gets a TIME OUT ... ooowwhhh i can think of an even better thing ... he get's put in a SPECIAL QUE with other SPECIAL PLAYERS (just like him) and oooh boy that will be a lot of fun . You ruined the game for someone then let others do the same for you. 3.You want to play ranked again ? You want to be able to get lp points and get to whatever division you are aiming for once again ? Well... you will have to play 10 games with other trolls just like you and also get lp penalty (you will receive 50% less) for a short period of time . And after all this let's see who will dare cuss at their team mates and feed intentionaly. And we could do sooooo much more to stop this madness . I have tons of ideas! - Let's say you go mid . You take {{champion:1}} and lock in the mid lane. If a SPECIAL player decides he also wants to go mid and ruin your game he will not be able to do so . All other mid champions will be locked and he/she will be obliged to pick something else and go on a free lane . If you pick a support and still feed cause you want to do so, you will get reported and will be put in the SPECIAL QUE for a while. - Let's say you are in champion selection and one particular SPECIAL player decieded to start flaming from the first moment. Then ... the other players should be able to VOTE to throw him out. Bad part: you will need to wait for a new match . Good part ? He will have to wait 5-10 minutes until he can search for a new game. All this could be done to improve the comunity. Of course this will take time to work properly and good players will also suffer from this from time to time,but as for me ... i would be totally willing to do it. Also...Let these kind of players play with their kind and troll each other , cause the players who are actualy really nice and are having a possitive attitude and work as a team,WE,are tired to play with the SPECIAL ONES. It was time someone said it.This may be regarded good or bad but what I had to say I said it. Let me know what YOU think about this problem we are all encountering daily in our games. (Disclamer: my first language is not english so please excuse any mistakes I made) And now,for your amusament,situations I've been through lately: 1. I and another player were 4th and 5th pick. I asked: what do you prefer ? support or adc ? he responded adc and proceeded to pick teemo. 2.I was first pick . 3th pick player said MID . I picked Diana and said: since i am first pick i wish to go mid . His/her respose : OMG FUCK YOU BURN IN HELL and proceeds to flame me the whole game. 3. Everyone picks what they want to play even though we are squishy as jelly and no one picks a tank (top/support or jungle are responsable for picking a tank) 4. First pick Katarina 5.4th pick Katarina after he/she sees that their team is full cc. 6.Refusing to buy a ward even after you die 6 times from enemy ganks. 7.Still fighting your lane enemy even after you died to him/her 7 times and yelling omg noob jungler gg. 8.Going head first into the enemy team as an adc and proceedeng to blame it on tream. 9.Chasing support in their jungle insted of protecting adc. 10.Trying to assasinate a 4k hp {{champion:31}} with {{champion:107}} 11.Acing the enemy team and deciding it's time to take that blue buff. 12.Chasing an enemy champion from OUR base to THEIR unwarded jungle and dying while our nexus is falling. 13.I died mid and our jungle with 200 hp tought hmmm i could totally dive that almost full life lissandra. 14.And overall NOT KNOWING HOW THIS GAME EVEN WORKS. I am not perfect myself , even I do some of this stupid mistakes sometimes.But making mistakes and flaming/blaming your team for you own stupidity are 2 different things :) THANK YOU for reading and putting up with me! BYE BYE {{summoner:31}}
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