can someone explain to me how MMR works in its entirety? and also, ranked suggestions for riot.

Okay. So i did my 10 placements right? but I was keeping track of my mmr each time. regardless of whether I would win or lose, my mmr would go down. why is this? I don't understand. I don't feel like I am playing bad, in fact, many of the games that I won I carried very hard(one of them I got basically a pentakill*the last kill was stolen from me by an accidental crit from our adc*) so if it is based off performance then that can't be right either. even when I'm playing support(both those games I won) me and my adc both stomped lane and roamed to other lanes and helped them out. I don't understand how it makes sense that I lost mmr no matter what i did and got placed extremely low. Also, I don't understand the justification of purposefully placing players lower than where they belong. What you create is a really agonizing climb that shouldn't have to happen for many players. And honestly, the justification that "if you're better than the people you get placed with, then you'll climb really fast" isn't really valid to me, since you've intentionally created an uphill battle for me to fight against and with players who may or may not be as serious or skilled as I am. This is a team game and I want to be matched with teammates that don't troll or intentionally feed like you matched me with in 3 of my placement matches. I want people who are good at communicating, teamfighting, and have the basic mechanical understanding of their champions. I don't feel like your system is a valid measure of what my skill level actually is if I have to climb SEVERAL divisions just to reach players where I feel I am on equal footing. also, how am I to ever get better at this game if I am only ever playing people who are worse than me? i'm no challenger player, by any means. But I really think it's unfair that I have to climb all the way from silver IV to anywhere I end up at the end of the season. The amount of games I have to play to get to even gold is at least 5-6 to get to 100 LP and at least 2-3 for the promo series until i hit silver I. so, that's an average of like...8 games per division if I have a perfect win streak. Unless you have changed the LP gain system so I can gain like...50 lp or 100 lp from one win. because normally I recall getting at most like 23-24 LP and that means at least 4-5 games just to get to my promotion series. then you have the best of 5 promotion series to get out of silver and into gold. That just seems like putting your players through way too much work for this really crappy ranked season where you changed so many things and made adc's pretty garbage so it's not even a position anymore. I mean the fact that you can do reasonably well with a 'ziggs adc' is atrocious. I think your LP gains should be increased or if you are on a winstreak or something you gain increasingly more LP so that it means if you are on a huge winstreak across divisions and then maybe that stops at diamond or something so that if you are really winning that often that you can quickly climb. or maybe up to a cap of increase. it just takes too long to go from division to divsion/tier to tier to be honest. it's hard enough when you just lose games that are winnable due to some huge throw from one person on your team or something or when you play when you are tilted(although the solution for that is to not play when tilted at all I guess) Also, I think we need more than 3 bans for each team. other mobas have had 10 ban systems with a staggered champion select for a long time and League should make the change. I want to point out that Dota2 has completely added an entire new system of talents that I think you should also have in league. Because currently it feels like there are only one or two ways at most to play a champion in terms of viability and the game feels like(in my opinion) it is getting a bit stale. Even LCS which I really used to love watching has grown boring because we see literally the same 16 champs in every single game. with an additional 2 bans per team and a new system introduced maybe we'd get some more champion diversity and encourage all players to learn a more diverse champion pool so they can really experience more than just a few of the champions your game has to offer.
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