Dear Riot, your adaptive damage system is screwing over support players (and some junglers)

I'm gonna keep it short because I'm not a fan of writing big walls But this adaptive system is anything but adaptive (well, outside it leaning towards w/e you have build most off) I do, NOT, want, AP on my melee supports, i want AD. I do not want AP every match on bard/lulu/insert other poke heavy champ, i sometimes want AD Give us a choice at the start of the game to get either AD or AP. This system is terrible at the moment for supps who aren't autofilled bronze 5's who used to run 35 ap on leona in s7. Edit: i'm delighted some people who give completely dumb arguments like ''YE, JUST RUSH TIAMAT AT LVL 1-3 ON SUPPORTS'' are goin trou this thread downvoting anything (even neutral info) i say. I mean, how can you not be happy that some people rather praise/make excuses for riot for everything they do in hope for better matchmaking RNG(hint: it won't happen) rather than having a solid game. (That said, boards/reddit suffer from ''i upvote/downvote whatever is up/downvoted already, so gj noble and nevra, you started a vote jerk) I also want to add yet again, that AP is NOT a better stat in a lot of occasions, and building AD items early is NOT an option. People should be allowed to get the stat they want early.
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