Can we fix solo q Simple solutions.

Rank solo Q is extremely broken this season, I thought season 7 would go down as the worst season ever, but season 9 takes the cake. I have had 4 account currently in plat 1-3 and the amount of account that are either 1 Elo boosted or somehow just randomly gold last season but plat 3 this season with a 45% winrate. Step one.. Remove Duo q In all ranks. It called solo q for a reason, Duo q allows elo booster to just duo q accounts after someone pays, or for a gold player to pay for duo q services to avoid bans, and get to plat by simply duo q with a diamond 1- challenger players. Step 2 high penalties for losing a game when under a 45% win rates, to many people have climb across all ranks with neg win rates this season. some even having as low as 25% have been in high plat games. We now have flex q for people who wanna premade rank games, no need for them to be in solo q, also we need to hurt the elo boosting community who abuse this duo q system in ranks.
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