"Easy" is an abstract concept.

A player that is Plat or higher saying that getting out of Bronze/Silver is extremely easy and not giving any ACTUAL tips for getting out is sooo dumb. These players will just be like "don't worry they're trash you're better than them just farm and win." But I'm trash, and I can't farm and win. If it was that easy then EVERYONE would be in high elo. And don't even get me started on plats who smurf in bronze and get like 100% win rates, that pisses me off. You simply have more skill than people in low elo. Just because you're a human doesn't mean you can get out of Bronze/Silver. If you're going to give someone tips about getting out of low elo, GIVE THEM TIPS. Don't just say "I'm Diamond so I get a 100% win rate in that elo, so you can too!" BECAUSE WE CAN'T.
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