Dear Riot

Dear Riot, Long time Veteran here, lets talk about the game and some things you have implemented or tried to. I understand organizing a company as large as yours can be challenging, I understand you focus more on the esports side of things these days and I even understand that you time to time will make a mistake. However each year, you attempt to implement these new ideas that are just not realistic for the game, and everyone tells you that they are not realistic. Yet you go ahead and implement them anyway only to remove them months later with an oops my bad guys, it'll never happen again. Quite frankly it doesn't do you any good, because you used to be a company that made good changes to game. S3 S4 and S6 are Arguably the best seasons I've ever played. You used to put so much thought into the decisions and now you either overthink because you are a large company or you have new young kids calling the shots to full-fill their fantasies. Season 3, lets talk about numbers or should I say lack of numbers. In previous seasons before 3 I had a wonderful little number. It was Platinum sometimes gold in color and was represented by a number somewhere between 1700- and 1900. This was the ELO system you guys started with, and I was always engaged to increase my number, because it was something I could visualize. The number meant everything, It told me where I was compared to the rest of the player base. I'd watch HotShotGG's streams and see him a little over 2k and thought to myself, damn I need my number that high. The number was our accurate way of saying somebody was skilled, it meant they won not just more than 50% but they won more than the other tiers to get there. Issues with the current system, I don't care about a banner, and I don't care about the leagues with character names such as Sion's Underlords. The V IV II II I just over complicates things. If I recall you wanted to change the game's ranking system to promote ladder play and reduce ladder anxiety. Well promotion series didn't help that one bit, because whenever I make a new account I always seem to hit Platinum, but I could be hard stuck in Silver/Gold for a bit because Ill get to my promo, win 2 games, and for whatever reason, game decides its my time to lose. Well ok, that's fine. Ill just make it up the next game, oh the 2 games I lost count towards the LP I have. So instead of one win away from promo, now I'm possibly 3 wins away. Now take that and compare to the average ladder player that barely wants to mess with it in the first place, they don't want to. You have people still today not wanting to ladder because your system is so messed up. Instead of reduce ladder anxiety, you have increased it. Season 4, my favorite season. My champions of choice Jayce and Nidalee received a few buffs prior. One such rework changed Nidalee forever and made her so fun and dominant to play, I enjoyed the hell out of season 4, it was the first season I was Diamond too. Unpopular opinion, Jungle items were good, you had people complain the jungle was too OP, but it wasnt the jungle, it was just the Shyvana build I did with trinity force and being level 15 while the enemy mid was 11. That was an easy fix, I recall Yi was like that too, but instead of nerfing the champions, in Season 5 you got so distracted with the texture updates that you forgot what you were doing with the game play and balance. Ask anyone and they will say Season 5 was the turning point, its when you stopped putting in effort for the gameplay. You made jungling a chore and champions like Sejiuani rose to the top because of how dull you made it. Season 5, no Season 6 The introduction of a smart jungling system that rewarded diversity when jungling. Routes were complex and ganking/farming felt balanced. I couldn't just be 3 levels higher than mid without completely dumpstering every lane. Do I seem bias towards jungle? Sure, a little. I would call it my role, but having to make the transition from mid and top to jungle in season 5 because my choice no longer mattered as much, I became a bit of a softy for jungling. In season 4 I just enjoyed it, but season 6 is when I put the time into it and learned more about it. The jungle feels terrible right now, there is no reason I can gank 3 lanes and be 20 cs ahead of a lane and be one level under them. The comeback mechanics of the game have gotten so ridiculous. League is the only game with shut downs at 2 kills, it's the only game that punishes you for farming and having a higher cs total than the enemy. Multiple shut downs are a problem too, you have made this game so dull. I could go on about champions that are just bull shit to play against, like Zoe, like Caitlyn. You have people crying about Riven, do you want to know why? Because you removed the answers from the game. We have little to no answers unless you are a smart veteran with years of knowledge of what works and what doesn't. Does Riven deserve a nerf? No, her outskilling somebody should never be ground for nerfing. Just like when you nerfed Jayce back in Season 4, just because Pawn took Worlds to the Cleaners. One more thing before I go, because it was really the main focus of this post. time to tie all back to together to my first thoughts about you trying stupid things that don't work each year and removing them later. S7 it was ranked, S8 it was ranked, S9 you tried messing with ranked again. STOP MESSING WITH RANKED AND LET ME HONOR MY GODDAMN OPPONENTS! IMPROVE THE CLIENT SO I CAN STILL SHOP EVEN AFTER THE QUEUE POPS. LET ME PLAY RANKED AFTER LIKE 15 GAMES SO I DON'T MAKE THE NEW PLAYER EXPERIENCE FOR PEOPLE SO PUNISHING.

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