Removing aram bans will make it less diverse than what it used to

So personally i see no reason as to why Riot decides now to remove the ban feature in Aram that most people i see praises because u can get rid of shit that makes the mod almost unplayable like Xerath in particular. I see no reason as to why the feature got removed at all. The backtrack ok since that was removed due to butcher bridge prob rotating back to regular aram but taking away the bans is the most stupid decision u can make in the overall enjoyment in Aram. There basically a single champ can make ur game unfun to next levels. I thought they learned that taking stuff from event aram into regular Aram seems to work great for the mod. Snowballs if u go far enough back and relative recently the healing altars that was taken from the previous butcher bridge event. Why cant we keep what people find enjoyable specially when its small features like that. This will make me poke we win aram more prevelant again with less fun comps being made due to them getting severly blocked by champs that makes the mod unfun for most.
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