In the old days "If you can't play every role at least decently, you're not ready for ranked"but now

"HOLY SHIT I DIDN'T GET THE ROLE I WANT, FK U RIUOT THIS GAM SUHX" Jesus christ the entitlement of these kids is unbelievable. I know that sometimes you get a role you really don't know how to play, in those that's unfortunate, but you should at least play to the best of your ability rather than spaz out that you didn't get your way that one time. **EDIT**: For example, I am a terrible ADC player, I had like a 20% win rate on Caitlyn last season, but that's not because I was trolling, it was because I legitimately almost never play ADC. I did my best, it's just that my best was garbage.... I'm a jungler/support/mid , not an ADC. But therein lies the difference, I TRIED my best and failed. This is not the same as just saying "Fuck it, we're going to lose anyway".
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