A rework Idea for Karma - I need your Feedback!

Greetings! I am an enthusiastic Karma fan and created reworks for her slightly before she got her VGU. With the upcoming Karma rework, I would like to get your feedback on my most recent rework idea. I am curiuos to hear what you like about it and what not and how you would tweak it. Please state why you do not like certain changes or why you like them so I can follow your thoughts. I left numbers out as there are very hard to determine without testing. Without further ado, here is it: https://pre00.deviantart.net/085f/th/pre/i/2016/003/1/d/karma_by_cmedv-d9m4nl7.jpg -------------------------------------------------------------------- **[Passive] Gathering Fire** * same **[Q] Inner Fire** * Colliding skillshot, which deals damage within a small area. ~~Does slow enemies hit~~ **[RQ] Soulflare** * (Maybe ground targeted cast) Increased impact damage, leaves a ~~slowing~~ area. After a delay, the it heals all allies inside or deals damage to enemies. (Could work with either) **[W] Focused Resolve** * [New] Karma increases her Movementspeed and connects to target ally or enemy Champion/Monster. If a unit within range of that target is effected by one of Karma’s other abilities or is close to a effected unit, another link will be created from the target to this unit and so forth. Linked Enemies are slowed, while linked allies are sped up. The closer Karma is the stronger are these effects. * (Imagine it like a chainlightning. Karma can use the MS without a target.) **[RW] Spirit Bond** * Increases the Slow/MS and breaking range for allies. **[E] Inspire** * Creates a shield around target allied champion or herself, also shielding allies within a close range. ~~Grants MS.~~ (Either as independend shields or as shield, which shields units in need until it is depleted. Shield might be stronger, but decaying to emphazise timing/ add more skillexpression)) **[RE] Defiance** * Shields all allies within a greater range ~~and grants them MS~~. After a delay, deals damage to enemies inside. **[R]** * same -------------------------------------------------------------------- **Example Combos:** * **RQ:** Cast RQ, e the one in most danger of dying, use W to link up allies so they can reach heal better and dodge stuff * **RW:** Dis/engage. Q and E can be used to make it more impactful (more units chained). * **RE:** RE first, hit as many enemies with Q as possible, link them up with W to keep them within the damage range. -------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are confused about how some things work, please feel free to ask. Looking forward to hear what you think!
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