"If you're good, you will carry"

"If you're good, you will carry" is a total fallacy. It's akin to a gambler saying, "if I lost 3 in a row, my win is gonna be guaranteed soon." Because League, being a team game, is a total gamble on who you will get in your games. And this relates to the whole, "If you're good, then your team only has 4 people who could be bad, where the enemy team could have 5." The fact of the matter is that, even if I'm the best in the game, it doesn't make my other four players better than any or all of the enemy team players. Flex queue is a decent alternative, but that depends on having friends who are always on and continues to rely only a fraction on yourself. No champion can 1v5. And if you expect one player to do all the work, then you're relying on poor play from the enemy. Whether they don't group or just decide to afk, you're relying on people to be specifically bad instead of overcoming skill. The game is inherently way out of balance likely due to intentional involvement from Riot (ie: sell skins on strong champs, sell new champs, etc). And that's fine. All I really want is an actual reward for being a good player. The Honor Initiative lost steam practically the day they announced it and didn't offer anything. And as the game stands now, it doesn't matter what your kda or your farm at 10 minutes is, all other players look at is the actual rank. Bronze and Silver are handicapped, Gold and Plat are decent and likely meta slaves, etc. The only consolation you get from playing well and losing is, "Don't worry, you'll eventually rank up." And that holds ZERO merit as I outlined above. Mastery is basically, "Oh, you played this champion soooo much. Good for you." And doesn't offer anything. There are people with 1,000 games in Bronze and they're still trash. Thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? Do you think there is balancing to be done or are you complacent with the state of League of Legends as it is?
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