Can Anyone Explain To Me: Riven

Lets just start out with why Riven is balanced, oh wait she isn't, some of you may be asking why, some of you understand where I am coming from. Lets start off with the Q ability, a blind dog could play Riven with just mashing its face on the keyboard, This heavy damage, distance closing, crowd controlling ability is insanely op. First off if they insist on keeping this ability in the game Riot could A: Nerf the damage on this ability or B: Shorten the distance of the cast, I mean you cannot out run riven when she can just jam q 3 times and kill you or catch you. Third Ability, Do I need to say much here besides, first off she already has a distance closer that she can jam 3 times, so take the dash off this ability, second the scaling and base shield is too much she shouldn't be able to tower dive a full health fighter and take to no damage, and please nerf the Cool-down on this ability it is up way to frequently, finally just simply lower the damage on her ult just a tad. In conclusion I am someone who is trying to play this game but the constant Riven play on the other team the game is plagued and the fun is sapped out of it. Thank you for reading- Doc Please Explain whatever you vote
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