How it feels to play an enchanter support.

Hi everyone! I have been playing League for about 5 years now and i've been a main support for about 3 years. I went from B3 to D3 in those 3 years by playing mostly enchanters (Lulu, Janna, Sona, Soraka, Nami, etc. ) and some tanky supps (Taric, Blitz, Thresh, etc). I have always prefered to play enchanters because they are harder to play (Okay, I see the comments comming! Actually, it is all the little things that are harder with this type of supp. Your positionning is the key to succes while a tank can just yell DEMACIA and tank 4k damage ^^''). This season, I climbed playing a lot of Nami, Thresh and Lulu. The game just feels bad right now for me. None of my champions are what they used to be. If I take an example of Lulu, she is one champ that got nerfed soooo HARD. At the beggining of the season, she was at about 51% wr. Right now, during the preseason, she is at 48 % and i even saw her hit 46%. What happenned is that people kept complaining about the shield mechanics being so easy and also the items being so op. Riot then nerfed the shields and the items. They destroyed the early game for the enchanters -> About half the duration of the shields (4s to 2.5s) and... they added hard nerfs on multiple items which lowers cd early and lowers the buff they used to give to the shields (for a 10% bonus on shields to 8% and from 10% cd on forbidden idol{{item:3114}} to 5% early). I understand that the mechanic of shielding might seem easy; point-and-click is indeed easy. But if you try to destroy the core of a champion because it is so easy, you also destroy the entire champion. Also, when you look at bot and the support picks Lulu, how do you feel? Don't you want to dodge because the champion can't even help the adc not getting one shoted? I feel useless when i play my favorite champion because damage is way to high. The essence of enchanters is to keep someone in the team (most of the time the adc) from getting one shot and to provide cc. What if I can't even do what the champion was created for? I am supposed to counter assassins! Now, because damage is too high, i cant even counter anyone. I get one shoted before i can even cast a spell. I am supposed to counter most of the tank support because i can poke (if i dont get cc'd we're supposed to win), but i cant even get close to anyone because they deal more damage with a SINGLE AUTO ATTACK than me with my whole Lulu combo. What's even the point of picking an enchanter anymore if you know you're going to get countered by the champ you counter? There is no use. Guess i'll just pick brand and one shot everyone ! But hey, enchanters are so easy to play, nerf them more. Riot :Oh no, no one wants to play the game and people keep quiting! We know what to do! If adc keep getting one shoted, we'll do just everything to nerf the people peeling for them and dying for them. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} -Someone who's sad. I just want to play enchanters and not want to delete the game after everysingle ranked, sorry for my english btw
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