They say that necessity is the mother of invention

And yet we nerf volibear and blitzcrank over winrates? What happened to pressuring people to adapt? Are people below masters/challenger some boosted animals that we can't expect anything of? Why can competitive/higher tier players manage these champions but we aren't expected to? Hell, people weren't even perceiving them as much of a problem but before they could either cement their status as such or drop it as people adapted, they were nerfed because their winrates were too high? I thought this was supposed to be a competitive game, I thought if you struggle against something you were supposed to learn how to work around it, and only ban it as a last resort, not get it nerfed the moment it seems to be doing too well on an average case, of course people won't adapt if you reduce pressure from things before they are even perceived as a problem, why would they? It's just not worth the effort. I guess all the dynamo que complaints were right, competitive integrity is dead, we filthy casuals now.
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