What if Ruby Sightstone increased the range on your ability to drop wards?

In the mid-late game, it's extremely risky to constantly walk into dark parts of the map to drop wards. However this creates the paradoxical situation of "I need to ward, but our lack of wards makes it too dangerous for me to ward". Going to ward as a support should not be so risky, especially when 90% of throws happen because people get caught out. Supports should be rewarded (tee hee, pun) for doing their job properly. So I was thinking, what if Ruby Sightstone, the Sightstone upgrade item, increased the range on your ability to ward by, say, 30%? The exact number is debatable, but the point is warding would no longer be so much of a gamble in an already snowbally game. And for those thinking "well, this is what blue trinkets are for!" think again, because supports almost never buy that trinket. They almost always buy the red one in order to control vision for the team, taking out opposing wards around key places on the map.
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