Yuumis not underestimated. She's just trash.

After played a lot of games with her, I literally give up. I've tried everything. Aery, Glacial Aug, Guardian. Anything that would be "overpowered" on her. All do nothing. I've tried {{item:3285}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3504}} etc etc as rush items. Does nothing. Lets talk about her, and what needs to flat out change so she can be viable at all in the game. Passive: The only balanced thing on her kit. Yet it still sucks completely. The shield being 80 level 1 and being perm is really good same wiht giving mana back. It makes it a great passive to sustain in lane. However it gets you killed 99% of the time. It seems you only wanna afk on whoever as honestly her stats make {{champion:119}} 2 shot you. And with {{item:1038}} 1 shot you anytime. Free gold baby. Q: Riot thinks this spell is overpowered. It's probably the worst part about her entire kit. Her empowered anchor is really interesting. Yet it hinders her so badly. I understand you don't want this to have AOE fine. However what it DOES need. Is scaling. W: Why does this have .% garbage in it? Why isn't this rounded? E: On-par with the worst thing on her kit side by side her Q. Just like {{champion:10}} (though her heal is completely better) it gives movement speed making the heal trash. R: This is a garbage {{champion:37}} just play sona. Things that can make it so she's actually viable: Passive: Lower the shield and the mana accordingly. However when this is UP **NOT ** all the time. Give her 650 attack range. She SHOULD have SOME safety ANYWHERE. As she doesn't at all. "Oh but her W" yup the amount of times I've been CC'd trying to get to my anchor or another one and I die. Is OUTSTANDING. Q: This does awful damage level 1-Max. I'd rather have a 25% slow. And have this have 80% ap scaling. Give her SOMETHING to do damage on. The amount of times things are 100 hp. And their regeneration is BETTER than my autos and Q's is fucking stupid. Let me KILL SOMETHING. Without the enemy HAVING to be 25 hp or less. Good lord. Worst ability... W: Honestly needs a 5 rounder buff. That's all. E: Heal is worse then {{champion:10}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:37}} (Yes its EVEN WORSE then Sona.) {{champion:432}} (not even letting it fully charge) why the hell would I want to play this awful champion over any of them? - E may have 2 charges and it needs 2 charges. But the AP scaling needs to either go up to 50% or higher and get rid of the god awful movement speed that literally hinders every spell. OR Make the heal double at minimum and max and keep the movement speed. It's literally garbage. R: Lands 3 is fine. But it either needs to do one of 3 things: 2 second root (currently 1.75) which would be a minor buff compared to everything else. STUN for 1.5 seconds instead of doing an awful root. OR Polymorph for 1 second. Yuumi has nothing of value in her entire kit that makes her better than any other enchanter. She's not "overpowered" shes weak. Stop being delusional and START CATERING TO SOLO QUE.

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