It's so annoying how people exaggerate things about past iterations of champs

Does anyone else feel annoyed when players exaggerate things to make past iterations of champs seem more interesting ? Just yesterday I was reading a thread about old Yorick on Reddit and Jesus Christ the people there made it seem like he's the most broken thing in existence, when he couldn't even get past 50% win rate even before his nerfs... "Like OMG you just couldn't trade with Yorick, like EVER! He would 1 shot you and then perma heal himself to full HP while poking you from distance blah blah" Nuh uh, Yorick would run out of mana after 3 spell rotations dummy, the entire champion's kit was countered by buying flask + 3 potions, he was a troll pick that brought nothing to teamfights and couldn't even split push against most meta split pushers. Did I mention Riven would just dumpster him too? "Yorick walks into the bar and there is no counter" yeah, I believe this meme originated in silver, but even silvers have heard about Nasus who can simply lifesteal all Yorick pitiful damage and farm ghouls for his stacks. Did I mention Cho Gath and Trundle both healing from his ghouls and ignoring his damage? How's that for a counter? Yorick was a non threat, garbage champ. Next! Then you will hear myths and tales about the old Fiora ... "Omg she could 1v5 win teamfights with 1 item and her ulti, she was so broken" , these people make it sound like Fiora was a viable champ when she was in her prime. No she wasn't. She was easily punished, squishy, burst melee assassin/fighter that was easily countered by Zhonyas, various untargetable abilities, or just being stunned and 1 shot. "Old Fiora was so cancer bro, there's nothing you could do to stop her from split pushing and diving you" , except old Fiora had a garbage early game (as long as you survive her red pot cheese), no ranged abilities to farm with, terrible sustain (hp regen after autoing LUUL)... Another unviable garbage champ that was played by almost noone because she was just 1 dimensional and NOT good. NEXT! "Omg BRO weeedwick 420 blaze it, he was so OP just press R on someone and they'd get instagibbed" , uhmmm no sweetie, that only worked for 1 patch and it was because of the red smite change, not warwick himself. Warwick was never OP, just garbage champ 1 dimensional and very easy to play. "Omg you could just right click someone with warwick and you'd win the duel he was so broken" , nah, you right click someone with warwick and the other person right clicks away from you and there was nothing you could do to catch them. Next! "Wow bro Renekton was like the KING of top lane in late S3 and S4, the Renekton bar bro, I saw a Rioter write about it once omg!", Renekton was never a "king of top lane", there never was a "renekton bar", old Darius, Vladimir, Malphite, Rumble and many others could comfortably (and still can) lane against Rene and come out on top of him. Not to mention he gets countered by any ranged champ that knows what he's doing. Renekton bar was a myth perpetuated by a silver Rioter, I think Meddler. He's always had 47-50% win rate, and never had too dominant performances in Pro play even before his nerfs N E X T ! "Old Talon was so broken bro, like, you couldn't play a mage against him he was so imba dude!" except any good mage could poke him to hell and back during his atrocious early game, his slow only lasted 0.25s and the silence prior to that was only good for cancelling channels or delaying flashes. "Old Poppy was so insane dood, you just ulti their supp , go 1v5 and kill the ADC" , Old poppy used Q 3 times in laning phase and ran out of mana, Old Poppy had to sit on top of you to use that Q , old poppy had no sustain, and old poppy was easy to kite by anyone with 2% of their brain by simply walking backwards away from her. Most supports even back then had enough CC to stop Poppy dead in her tracks. Poppy was another shit-tier garbage champ noone played. "Omg OLD SION was so busted dude, he would build 3 doran rings and 1 shot you!!!", Old Sion was low range, predictable garbage that only worked in silver elo and below. Anyone above that knew you can just build banshee veil and suddenly the Sion is non factor at any point of the game. And the most recent example : "OMG dude Aatrox was legit insane, he was able to lifesteal all laning phase and then burst everyone while drain tanking with full AD item build in teamfights", whut? Aatrox was widely considered as one of the worst champs in the game. His stats were so low due to pro play that he would die to Riven / Renek / Darius and any other bruiser accidentally sneezing on him. His abilities made him kill himself, you could easily zone him from CS and from healing if you have at least 5 functioning brain cells dedicated to the match being played LOL WTF are these people smoking? It's like they played another game completely. Reminds me of the grandfather stories told to children at bedtime... The circlejerk is amazing, and it never fails. What are some of your examples of players grossly overexaggerating things to appear interesting?

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