Some of the nerfs on the PBE right now are Cinderhulk all over again

**(Hot damn this has gained some traction. Wasn't expecting that. At least keep discussion civil whilst you're here. Thanks)** We all remember what happened when Cinderhulk was released, it became the "Must-Buy" item for tank junglers which resulted in tank junglers (and tanks in general) to become really strong. So this of course resulted in some nerfs, the biggest of which was to Sejuani as we all know, but then later on Riot nerfed Cinderhulk and left Sejuani in a....not a dumpstered position but a significantly weaker one compared to pre-CH. And now Riot are nerfing Swain and Brand because they synergize too well with Deathfire Touch. Anyone else see history repeating itself here? Instead of taking care of the root of the problem Riot are instead nerfing those that benefit really well from it. What is it with Riot's "Shoot first ask questions later" nerfing strategy? "Boss, Cindferhulk is really strong" "Nerf the benefactors!" "But shouldn't we nerf Cinderh-" "NO! Cinderhulk is fine!" [One nerf hammer later] "Hey boss, Cinderhulk is still strong" "Nerf Cinderhulk!" "Okay, should we undo previous nerfs to the benefactors?" "Sorry I can't hear over the sound of my MONEY!" Because pre-CH, while Sej was underplayed she was in a pretty good position and the only reason she needed nerfing was because CINDERHULK was too good. Not Sejuani. But Is the fact that they didn't employ this "Shoot first ask questions later" strategy when it came to Tryndamere, Yasuo and Warlord's Bloodlust. "Hey Riot, Trynd and Yas are really strong with Warlord's Bloodlust" "Okay we'll nerf it to only proc on champions, but won't go anywhere near Tryndamere or Yasuo, they good!" Why? Because Season 6 is the Season of Crit and god-forbid any Crit based champion sees unviability in the slightest! The bias is so thick I could take a freaking chainsaw to it! Please tell me I'm not the only one who's seeing the bias here. Or am I just another salty QQer because I don't play either Tryndamere or Yasuo?
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