WTF has this game become.

What a fucking terrible game this is. First of I was placed in Bronze with 7/3. I ranked up to silver and here I am stuck for 3 weeks in silver I - II. I am catching SO BAD teammates it's unbelievable.. Today I went jungle as xin zhao, I ganked midlane like 3 times succesfully burning flash and giving our kayle a kill. Then .. when I NEEDED help in jungle while fighting enemy jungler, Kayle had spare time to help but all she did was "why you go in" (while fighting in our jungle) and she had plenty of time to help me and she could use her Ult to save me and get 2 free kills. I was being blamed and getting shit on by our support and toplaner how bad jungler I am.. I told them that Kayle didn't help me and I was dead that's the reason enemy jungler ganked their lanes. Kayle didn't help me another time and then she went in and FLASHED INTO THE WALL. from 0/2 I was already 1/5 because my midlaner never helped me a bit. I am stuck in Silver 1 or Silver 2 because of these teammates, I can play like A GOD but still this game has trash matchmaking and ranked system.
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