Ornn is back to seeing pro play while performing horribly in soloQ.

His rework tried to help him outside of organized play but overall that goal has failed pretty hard. Ornn still rewards teamplay way too much and thus can be a good pro play pick despite being completely awful in soloQ. He is dangerously close to the worst state he was even in when he had 45% winrate while being meta in pro play. Reducing the CC on his ult and giving him more lategame damage were good changes but those are largely undermined by his new items giving more power to allies. Tanks are inherently supportive and better in organized play and adding an extra mechanic that sacrifices his individual power to buff allies just rewards pro play way too much relative to soloQ. Ornn needs to be way less useful for his team and much stronger alone to ever be a reasonable soloQ champ without breaking pro play. Its not like he is some really hard to play champ that deserves to have way under 50% winrate to be balanced in soloQ.
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