Should I just play Yasuo?

Or Irelia? Or Trynd? Or Yi? Or any derp damage dealing champ? I feel so useless when I'm not playing someone who can just mindlessly delete people in seconds. This game just seems to be "whoever deals the most damage in 2 seconds wins." Where the fuck has all the strategy gone? The chess like mindset that it took to win games is no longer here. I'm playing this game less and less due to the overly frustrating state it's in. It seriously just losing it's appeal. I feel like people with less skill are now climbing to ranks they don't belong in. I can't stand how it's just damage damage damage damage. Tower dives while your tower shoots spitballs at the enemy who's "tanking the shots" (at this rate even fucking Sona can tank a tower). How the hell do you guys have fun with this game?
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