Is just me...or the games in season 6 are unfun?

In most of the cases, the team that has the early advantage will snowball out of control and win the game and you cant do much to stop them. I didnt had a good game for a long time, just games that end with 40-20 or 16-2 as score. Also, with this dinamic Queue, now gold has ex low silver players or even bronzies, platinium is full with ex silver players and low gold players. Ranked games are pretty unfair, you get matched with 4 premades most of the time and your impact inst that good, since they wont communicate with you most of the time. And I think that is based on luck...either you get the team with 4 premades that communicate and play good, either you get the weak premades and you lose, even if you try your best. So, are other players that stopped to play League or play way less than before?
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