Lucian in new patch

bork, cleaver, pd, er, spear Seems like it would be really sick. He can pop and full proc ult and still make use of spear's passive to reduce basic ability cd's to basically non-stop spam them during opening part of a fight. And he will never go oom thanks to new er. Too bad I don't play adc. If this goes like normal when I do this stuff, nobody will try this for a while, people will tell me I'm dumb, then somebody on another server will try it, get insane winrate, and popular YouTube LOL content creators will make a video explaining how ingenious this is. And people will start spamming it. Unless of course Riot's website doesn't have all info up on it and spear has been restricted to melee only even though it doesn't list that on their website. Luc mains... you're welcome. Everyone else... I'm sorry.

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