Aphelios might lose small parts of his kit down the line.

one small thing that will most likely happen is that they will remove parts of his kit that makes him a massive issue. _~~please note that the list i made is a bit excessive but his kit is beyond overloaded that i feel like they might remove chunks of his kit to become more balanced. you could say that they will do the Akali treatment on him... So please take it with a grain of salt.~~_ For example: > * **Calibrum **: marked targets will no longer hit globally and marked targets can be attacked for 5000 range instead > > * _**Severum**_: will no longer gain shield if over healed > > * _**Gravitum**_: Slow duration reduced > > * _**Infernum**_: Critical strikes will do bonus damage instead of increasing wave. > * _**Crescendum**_: Will now only carry 10 instead of 20 Chakrams > Not saying it will happen but its what i believe should or could happen if they want to nerf him based on all of his kit. I don't hate him overall but he is very unfun to play against and he becomes harder to face as a match reaches to mid/late game. Its most likely because of his insane mid game is why hes perma-banned in the Korean server due to how much of his kit can offer to a team and an ADC. Nerfs need to happen towards Aphelios, and he will only take up a ban slot for both sides of the team until something happens.
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