Diminishing Returns + This Meta.

Now, hear me out. I know this is an unpopular opinion. But the meta right now is trash. What do I mean meta? The high cc, tanky team comps. Armor and MR scale too well with hp, and crowd control seems to be getting stronger with every patch. Tanky isn't a bad thing. Everyone likes someone in the front line who has a lot of hp and will soak up dmg for you (Looking at you adcs ;)). The issue is that tanks have way too many options in their kit to deal just as much damage as an adc, and be just as tanky as naut. (Sej, Galio, Rammus, Ornn, Swain, Vlad... So many more.) The complaint is that these tanks can just dish out spectacular 1v1 encounters and completely wipe a carry from the face of the earth. High dps + High Armor/MR + High Hp AND MIX IT WITH SOME INSANE CC. Why are we creating gods on the rift and forgetting about everyone else? Assassins are doing so poorly now, I don't think anyone in masters mains an assassin. Kat? Talon? LeBlanc? Akali? Irelia? Master Yi? Invisible. They don't have cc or the hp to survive in this meta. Even bruisers are hurting, and have been hurting during this meta. Where are the darius lovers, the illaoi mains, Renektons, Camilles, Wukong? Pantheon, tryndameres, rivens or fioras. I feel like the meta can be narrowed down to 20 champions on the rift, and thats not enjoyable. Wondering why I named this Diminishing Returns? Because I think this game could benefit from implementing this to alter this meta. Being stunned for 3s in a team fight is painful, being stunned for 3s + 2s + 3s all being chained guarantee's you are dead. Some champs can do all three (Sej...). Diminishing returns would look more like 3s + (1st cc/2) + (2nd cc/2) and so on. This would impede the tank supp + tank jg + tanky top meta that guarantees a win vs ALL OTHER TEAM COMPS. Why is one comp godly for so long without a change? I almost miss the assassin meta (that only lasted like a month). I've been on and off since 2013, the amount of cc being thrown into League Of Legends is mind boggling. Every new champ is going to have cc. It's too much.
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