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I have been playing this game since season 2 like a lot of veterans and I have always said "Why are we getting more champions and balancing the game more or getting more bans to balance it?" . After trying to deal with the amount of anti-fun champs there are to play against( Zed, Taric, Irelia, etc) this season, I asked myself why we did not get at least one more ban(hopefully two). There ARE WAY TOO MANY CHAMPS and some are just too strong right now. We can't ban all of them and I know I am complaining a bit, but I just want an extra chance to get rid of the easy win champs. I believe as a community we need to pressure riot into trying out the 1 ban a person system. We tried dynamic queue and that had some backlash, but overall, I like were their heads were. Why not try the 1 ban a person and see if it slows champselect too much? I just want it to be Beta Tested. Please pressure riot into looking into this a bit further.
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