Riot pushing champions into other roles

My favorite champion used to be Zyra. In seasons 3 and 4 she was one of the strongest mid lane mages in the game. After all the nerfs then being reworked and nerfed AGAIN she is now a full on mage support. There is absolutely no reason to take her mid over anyone else. Her ult is unreliable and it's easier to kill her plants now than it has been ever before. I know there are some people that are fine with this (Zyra being full support) but the majority of those opinions I've seen are from those that started playing with her when she was shoved into the full on role. Are you ok with Riot pushing champions into other roles than for what they were initially designed for? According to the boards I've seen opinions that this is what is happening or has happened to Nidalee. She used to be a mid lane mage pushed into a jungle mage and now is no longer strong in either. Are you for or against Riot doing this to champs either by reworking them or nerfing them until they are only viable in a certain role?
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