Every 3 hit proc has a visual stack indicator except for Brand's

{{champion:161}} has a visual indicator on his targets of how many stacks they have of his passive. {{champion:91}} just got one. {{champion:245}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:254}} all have some way to look at a target and see at a glance how many times they've been struck, so they can judge when their 3 hit proc is going to happen. Edit: And {{champion:427}} 's Daisy. And {{champion:150}} . During the mage update, {{champion:63}} joined the elite ranks of champions with a 3 hit proc passive, but has no visual indicator, even though his proc is extremely important to his play, both in lane and during teamfights. We can only see if a target is burning or not, we have no indication of how many stacks of burning they have. I have included an extremely detailed example of how this may look, for Riot's viewing pleasure. http://i.imgur.com/1lKnLrV.png
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