@Riot, Please give context on and/or Reconsider the current Riven Buff

TLDR: The Riven Buff on the PBE is a horrible idea. It does not address any of Riven's early game issues, it only buffs her late game, which is mostly fine, and the change can cause more harm than good. The Rivenmains community has been having discussions lately about {{champion:92}} 's place and the game, and the fact that she needs help. Our prayers have been heard, but also grossly misheard at the same time. For those of you who have not looked at today's PBE patch notes, Riven gained a buff that increased the bonus AD given from her ult: 20% >>> 20/25/30%. To put it bluntly, this is a horrible change and can/will cause more harm than good, and I will explain why. There were many issues that we discussed on Riven and there were a few that a majority of us agreed on. 1. **Riven has very low base stats (mostly defensive base stats) for a fighter, and this causes her to have a harder time in lane than necessary.** Compared to other fighters who have far superior forms of sustain/shielding/defensive mechanics, Riven also has far lower defensive base stats. As a champion who is so focused on snowballing, and using her E correctly, this causes almost all lane matchups to be way harder than they should be, and it makes keeping any kind of lead much harder as well. The Runes do not help this, because in order for her to have similar defensive power, she has to opt into Resolve secondary, and when matched with Conqueror, she gains 0 bonus AD, which is her Primary stat for Offense and Defense. 1. **When every champion in the game was compensated for their (most used) runes from the previous system, Riven did not get compensation for her cooldowns**. While Riven did get AD and Armor, she did not use MR glyphs, she used CDR glyphs and a quint. This made her laning phase much slower and much harder. In addition, Transcendence does not grant 10% CDR until LV10 and {{item:3071}} no longer builds out of {{item:3133}}, meaning her best CDR item and best anti-tank/anti-bruiser item is bad on her as a rush item, because it's components are inefficient. {{item:3158}} are also not a great option because she is so squishy early game that she has to go with {{item:3047}} or {{item:3111}} to survive. 1. **Riven's fast Q and Wind Slash are too slow**. When Riven's Q was tuned so that the animation cancelling was more fluid for players and better for players with worse internet, the fasted possible speeds for her fast Q was slowed down. Additionally, her Wind Slash had its projectile speed nerfed in order to give players more time to interact and dodge it. Today's top laners are not only very fast and have similar, if not more, mobility compared to Riven, but they also have more damage than her that they can pump out at much faster rates. This means that in order to keep up with those top laners, her fast Q and Wind Slash to need to be as close to their original speeds as possible. To summarize these points, but mostly 1 and 2, **Riven's issues are in her early game**. As a fighter that is supposed to snowball to be effective, Riven is simply too weak in the early game to stand up to every other top laner. Now to address the current Riven Buff on the PBE. I am going to assume that this buff was intended to allow her to compete with other fighters in terms of damage and allow her to build tanky items without losing as much damage. To put it simply, these buffs are a **mistake** and there are 4 reasons why. 1. **This addresses none of the problems above.** I'm not trying to beat a dead horse here, but it seems like the Balance Team did not put any thought or effort into this change. On the Gameplay Thoughts post where Riven was addressed by Meddler, I linked him 5 of the biggest threads that were trending on the Rivenmains subreddit. You can look at all of them and you will notice that almost all of the discussion had to do with her early game. But there was one change that I never saw. Increasing her Ult's AD bonus. Not a single person suggested this change, and the reason for it is because we believe that 20% is fair and should be left alone. It is painfully obvious that nobody ever bothered to look at these reddit posts for feedback on what could be done with Riven. 1. **This makes damage creep worse.** Riven is known to be able to burst/one-shot people. Now imagine her being able to do that while having 2 tank items. This change will allow her to have obnoxious late-game burst and be very very hard to kill. This change will drive Riven away from being a fighter and into being an Assassin, which I argue is a worse class for her to be balanced around. This change will also make #3 a bigger problem. 1. **This makes snowballing worse.** Snowballing is an issue, even though snowballing is mostly an issue for the early game at the moment. However, this does not mistake the fact that her snowbolling power will become exponentially stronger when mid-game rolls around, which can make her much much harder to deal with. 1. **Riven's problems are her early game, but the buff only effects her mid-late game.** This is the reason that this "buff" baffles me the most. Almost all of Riven's problems come from her early game. Yet this buff only REALLY affects her **LATE GAME**. Games end SOOOO fast now that Riven will most likely never reach LV16, and because her laning phase is so much weaker, getting to that level is even harder. I do not understand the balance team, but I really, REALLY want some context on this buff. I also really REALLY want the balance team to **LISTEN** to the Riven players, and re-think these buffs. I was one of the Rivenmains advocating for buffs, and this may seem like me just whining that Riven didn't get buffed the way we wanted her too, and that we seem like spoiled children, but I do think that this buff is the WRONG way to go about fixing Riven's issues.
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