My Complicated Relationship With Pings

Pings. They are like the hot, crazy girlfriend from college. One second they are super helpful and are attractive as can be; the next they are smothering you with their overwhelming "love" which may or may not result in your death. Pings are lovely little alerts that are very beneficial until someone decides you are not playing the game the way they "know" is right (insert GODTIERURGOTPLAYER username here). For many players, this is just the state of the game and should be ignored. For others, it can ruin the game experience. For me there is a very simple solution: allow an option to mute pings. I believe pings are VERY beneficial to the health of the game (especially if you don't have any direct communication) but for some it takes away from the experience. For example, those with short tempers could resort to doing the opposite of what the pings are trying to assist with because the sound is too annoying. Another example (in my case) is that some players with ADD are trying to focus on a specific play or strategy and end up distracted by the endless pinging sound that is almost impossible to ignore, causing a misplay (in which your team flames you for even though they wouldn't stop pinging long enough for your idea of the play could come to fruition). My point is that pings should exist but the option to mute them needs to be a thing. The visual notification will still be visible but the piercing sound that penetrates some players' nerves would be removed for players that want to. Thanks for listening to my rant and please comment on your thoughts/opinions. All opinions are welcome (good/bad). tl;dr Me: Rito please add a little box in the options to mute (but not visually remove) pings Riot: wtf you want me to do? HAHAHA {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}

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