My opinion on supports

Now i have seen a lot of people complain about ardents,supports mostly enchanters than can abuse said item. but what i think the problem with supports is that they cant really be 2 support meats at once,what i mean is if catchers are strong(bltiz,thresh,morgana) supports like janna cant really do much since they adc or them get cced and kill , if enchanetrs are strong they can negate the effect of the cc with heals and shields (its like rock paper scisors but rock beats both if strong and so on). My solution would be to make more support items that cant get used by other supprot classes , epart some items that are a clear representation of skill ( maybe even rework ohmwreacker) , locket was a step in the right direction because it was made mroe effective on tanky supports,now we only need more items like this , 1 or 2 for tanky supports,1-2 for dmg supports and some changes to the exsisting support items to make some of them like mikales usable on all types and not 50% useless on everything not a enchanter . **THIS IS JUST MY OPINION AND MIGHT NOT BE WHAT SUPPORTS NEED** P.S. I might have some typing mistakes because i try and type fats and English isnt my first langue
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