Hello I am an average player in Gold 4 and I have something to say.

Now I don't want this to turn into another "we want solo queue back" thread so I'll try my best not to turn into that. That being said as one of the players dynamic queue is supposedly working correctly for, I feel like I am wasting my time, I have put so much effort into getting better at this game, but it feels all for not when I am up against any kind of premade consisting of 3 or more. Either we stomp their premade or we get stomped, games don't feel good no matter the outcome anymore. Now do I think solo queue (at least the way it was before) a good answer? No absolutely not, solo queue sucked and anyone who says different needs to take off their rose tinted glasses, there was a reason it was called yolo queue for years. I understand people want to play together, but these people are not in it for the competitiveness of ranked they're in it to have fun, which is great! Solutions: Pure solo queue with voice client built in game (like Overwatch for example) return of tribunal with a report option in game lobby incentives to play support (IP boost, mastery boost, higher % for chest/keys) The biggest mistake a game developer can make is trying to control how people play your game too much, WoW did it by regimenting everything and overusing Skinner Box. Now you're doing it by telling people who couldn't care less about being competitive to play ranked because you can get more rewards out of that, instead of just having neat rewards for normals, arams, and TT. **JUST LET US PLAY THE WAY WE WANT TO** I'd like a good discussion from this so call me out if I didn't make sense or was full of logical fallacies. Thank you. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

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