With the new Jg Changes it might be time to change how Kindred's marks work

Currently Kindred's first mark applies after Scuttle spawns which means they will most likely be dead by the time you get to it or you have to take it before your mark appears. With the rise of junglers with strong clears and superb Kindred wont be able to survive invading against the enemy lee, udyr, shaco, etc. So my proposal is to give Kindred the first 2 stacks in their own jungle and give them a few QOL changes they've needed for a while. I think with the new jungle changes Kindred's marks should appear as follows- * 0-1: Gromp, Krugs, Raptors, Wolves (Kindred's Jungle) * 2-4: Scuttles, Gromp, Raptors (Enemy jungle) * 4-7: Scuttles, Krugs, Wolves (Enemy jungle) * 8+: Blue, Red (Enemy jungle) * Only Kindred and allies can see which camps are marked unless the enemy has seen the monster while it was marked. If the enemy sees the monster while it is marked the camp will show up on their mini-map until the enemy kills the monster or 15 seconds after the camp is killed by Kindred or Kindred's allies. * Epic monsters should always give a mark. * **Quality of Life Change:** Kindred's marks will no longer appear on camp the enemy in currently taking. Thoughts?
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