Aatrox is worse than before

So Aatrox is ~~balanced~~ around having a revive. His base-stats are abysmal, his base-HP is 1940, lower than most ADC's. His damage, is complete, and utter garbage. But it's all put into reason by Aatrox having a potential revive, and healing. Except, that Aatrox dies the moment an opposing champion only as much as looks at him. Except that Aatrox dies during the enormous cast-time(s) of his Q. Aatrox is supposed to be a draintank, yet he lacks the damage to drain, and the tankiness to tank. Especially in a meta, where you get oneshot in the blink of an eye. Making his revive conditional just means that half the time, the one thing his kit is balanced around isn't going to happen. I don't have the statistics, but I'm pretty sure Aatrox will have to get hotfixed. Edit: I was right, Aatrox received a **significant** hotfix buff. Thx Rito.
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