As a 600k Soraka main the very existence of Senna is just a slap in the face

As Soraka in lane you literally have to kill yourself to heal and also get in enemy range to get that back up - and stars beware you EVER get to deal ANY damage or have ANY sort of real CC. This was for balancing they said, you get to be "THE HEALER" for those tradeoffs. So Soraka brings to the table: a heal, a delayed hard cc, and a global ult to help out in other lanes. Meanwhile Senna gets all that, AND her shroud, AND damage, AND carry potential, AND a specific AD-Supp item, AND free stats.... What exactly was the point of hitting on my poor healgoat so hard when in turn you give Senna a free pass? Right now I have the most success with taking her to toplane and then abusing the power of a spammable range slow combined with sustain as well as the fact that E is an instant damage cast that's hard to avoid. I literally have to pick THE HEALER-CHAMPION for everything in her kit that's NOT HEALING. Meanwhile Senna... And it feels even more like she was just made to spite support mains for the fact that her entire kit completly lacks internal synergy. NONE of her abilities actually work with each other in a relevant way. It's just a pile of "how much bullshit can we randomly stack on this champion and oh wait and let's give her enough extra-healing on the side that she can out-perform a Soraka during lane-phase". Look even the most basic champions have at least SOME sort of internal plays going on, from the typical "hit your skillshot then follow up" to "weave your basic attacks right between abilities" depending what sort of champ it is. Meanwhile Senna does... nothing of that sort. You can click your Q wherever, none of your kit actually cares if you hit that E or not, and none of your skills is in any way connected to the cloud. And to top it all off: the clunky attack animation that just feels REALLY weird combined with the fact that she just does not fulfill the "I got the BIG GUN!" fantasy that comes with such weaponary. You should have just made her a mage, sort of a cross between Ezreal, Veigar, and Xerath... but like this? Just bad design. Turns out that "needs to dou lane with lucian and have references to him and thresh" is NOT a solid basis for actual good design who could have known?! Next time base your goals on actual gameplay and don't take a lazy shortcut because then THIS happens. Tl,dr for Senna: looks good visually, fails miserable mechanically - and that failure has to be grossly overcompensated with free stats and other nonsense that's just insulting to everyone who actually plays a "normal" champ.
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