You dont give a shit do you

It doesnt matter how much you complain, or what the fuck the playerbase does or says, you're stuck in your little fucking fantasy. "People are leaving the game because of urf" no people are leaving the game because of the champions in urf because no matter how much the playerbase complains, you use excuses, and thats all you will ever do. we hate urf ezreal we hate urf jayce we hate urf fizz we hate urf vlad we hate urf karthus and guess fucking what, making the game mode random just solves one problem and makes 12 more, but i guess you guys are good at scrapping by with the bare minimum. And you wonder how repetitive ass battle royal games top the charts while you decline. Because you're too busy circle jerking around the pro scene and your own ideals of balance to even fucking acknowledge that people fucking hate this game. We play because its addicting, and how can we tell? Well if its not overwhelmingly obvious after your player base makes fucking jokes about how fucking frustrating your game is more often than anything else. And to top that off, i cant even begin to fathom how you believe you know whats best for the game, the customer knows best and yet 90% of the player base is consistently ignored when voicing their opinions because you "think" you know whats "right". lets list a few cases: Akali rework- the changes people asked for on day 1 of release, and even pre-release because of the leak so congrats it took you 7-8 months to fix a problem that was pointed out pre release. Irelia rework- She got gutted around patch 9.1-9.2 and people complained about her since her release in patch 8.7, stelar pace guys. Adc item changes, zoe release, kai'sa, rageblade adcs, and the list goes on Whats yet to be fixed? Sions free 600 hp from getting 100 cs, thats about 2250 gold efficiency assuming we removed 10% cdr from kindle gem when accounting warmog's cost. for free. Thats astounding considering 120 minions is about 2400 gold. so sion gains about 4650 gold for doing something every champion must do in order to win a game. Aftershock mages like lissandra and fiddlesticks, whom win lane by running at you and stunning you with easy cc. Infinite mana supports the current support path encourages all mage supports to take tier 2 support item and rush mana regen, giving them roughtly 3 mana per second with mana costs ranging from 40-80. if we assume they have 5 second cds, they use anywhere from 25-65 mana per ability with mana pools reaching around 800. 800/25 = that means you get to use an ability 32 times on cd at bare minimum costs, not counting level ups, kills, recalls and any other items the support may have. My friend group makes sarcastic comments every time we say were getting on because we know we wont fucking enjoy it, but we will play que after que without break because were fucking addicted and we will go auto pilot. ---------- lets list a few champions that completely ruin the experience of a game for the opponent. Not match up specific {{champion:133}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:101}} Every fucking game that these champions are in become considerably less fun regardless of the circumstances. ------ Playing well- call up the fucking suicide hotline because you will not fucking enjoy this game, its not fucking fun. Plays poorly- whats the point of playing, the game is an instant win/loss because you managed to get the one player who couldnt play these champs.

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