Ok, so how long has wukong been this utterly gutted. Just got done in a game with him, and early game he sucks. His q does 10 damage level 1 and doesn't get scaling till level 2 q. His E does literally 200 damage max rank, and thats with ghostblade and duskblade built. His w has way too long of a cooldown to be effective against any champ with a dash. His ultimate is the only thing that does damage and that is only a few hundred unless the enemy is braindead. I finished the game with not only the lowest damage and least kills, but my damage was almost 20000 less than our support and our support was basically running it down mid. I remember Wukong not being this bad in season 7, so what happened? Is this some new meta idea that I don't know about where all old champions are made unplayable in order to promote new champs or what? cause thats what it seems like. I have been playing league since season 1, and never have I played wukong and been unable to kill a morg that has the literal level 1 support item and nothing else at almost 25 min in. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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