How to Ornn?

Hello fellow league players ,recently i took an interest in Ornn and i decided to main him cause he seems fun ,if only his gameplay was fun as well. I ask of anyone able to give me some honest advice on how i can get to be a better Ornn player since so far i have a 15-10% win rate with him. Lane phase in top? Get rekt by that attack speed kayle Oh you are under tower to defend? nice idea ,but you get a gank by that lvl 7 lee sin. Jungler , oh too bad you wont be able to gank as fast as that kayn or kha so rip lanes. And lets not forget support ornn Well you can farm at least ,cause you failed to keep your adc alive(if you haven't died yourself by a blitz/thresh/lulu supported adc). With that i ask again ,got any tips for a troubled man y'all? P.s : is it my idea ,or ornn is the worst tank so far,he cant tank anyone, he cant even deal damage ,and his whole kit feels clunky
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