Why the Morgana rework is going to (probably) disappoint

With Kayle’s and Morgana’s reworks coming up, I might as well give some thoughts on why keeping Morgana’s gameplay very similar is a terrible idea. This is not going to talk about the new visuals, as I’m sure that departments going to knock our socks off, but will serve as an analysis, and vent on why Morg’s gameplay is terrible, from a person who loves the idea of Morgana, but find themselves falling asleep when they play her. Morgana’s passive boils down to healing her whenever she damages cannons or champions, along with a secondary effect when mixed in with her w. This passive is not only boring, as you don’t have to do anything to proc it, just play the game exactly as you would if you had no passive at all, but on a long-range mage, it promotes the idea of using your spells and backing away as they heal you. This is something Rito has tried to discourage and should be reworked into something like Lux’s or Xerath’s passives, where you need to interact with opponent in auto-attack range to offset the inherent weakness in your kit (Lux’s waveclear and early damage is weak and she needs to proc her passive to clear waves and trade meaningfully until she gets items, while Xerath needs to frequently proc his passive to make up for his high mana costs) The rest of Morg’s kit is simple, you hit q to root, then place w and maybe shield you or your adc to prevent cc, rinse and repeat. There is no meaningful interaction with Morg in mid or support, as her whole character is use spells and walk away. Her ult is some weird mesh of her q and w that makes you want to go into auto attack range, even though her entire kit says no to that, and rarely stuns more than one person, or even goes off in fights. You need zhonya’s to not get one shot, but if your hourglass people tend to walk away. Morg’s w also has some interaction with her passive, which again boils down to do what you would normally do and sometimes it's rewarding. Using her w as a means of proccing spell thieves reduces the cooldown so you can do it again sooner and using it as a damage or waveclear spell does the same thing, you hit a champ or a cannon by the virtue of the game works, and you can w again sooner. Hearing from Rito that Morg’s gameplay has held up fine because she has a good play rate and win rate is bull because her q and e are so overpowered in the support role that you could remove all her other abilities and she would do fine. Morganas gameplay works, but it isn’t fun for either player, and doesn't work for the right reasons. Playing her is waiting for a q to hit and sometimes placing w to proc spell thieves, while pressing e to save your adc if a fight happens. Her ult is a empty threat outside of laning phase and her passive promotes this un-interactive playstyle. As Morg stands right now she’s a support Neeko, as both have an aoe damage and waveclear spell, a root and an aoe stun that takes time to ramp up. The only thing separating Morg from Neeko is her e, and the fact that her ult is harder to hit, which is why she goes support instead of mid now. TLDR: Morgs kit works because it invalidates other players, and is not fun, interactive gameplay that should be kept during a rework and unless by "we are keeping her kit pretty much the same" Riot means "we've done a complete Warwick level rework where she still functions the same but everything is different" I'm going to be very sad when the rework comes out. P.S sorry for spelling -I'm not esl or anything- I'm a tired university student who has to get up in like 7 hours to paint faces for a carnival I got guilt tripped into signing up for and really wanted to vent about how new Kayles gonna feel when she comes out and Morg's gonna be like this sick new paint job you really want to be seen with but its on a 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer that still gets you where you want to go but is never going to be able to compete with all the new cars coming out but still get's used because "people still drove it" and thats a good enough reason not to change it.
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