Why some champions are "instapicks"?

I'm referring to those champions in particular: {{champion:157}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:81}} I am not saying they are broken (although I think that some of those champion are broken). But that they are "overpicked". This is just really... boring. People complain about the lack of diversity on this metagame, yet the first thing they do when they see Kat open is picking her. I don't know it that's because I am on a different server than all you, but that's what happens on my server. Those picks are "instapicks" and they aren't even generalists like {{champion:64}}, for example. They are just champions that people pick, no matter against which matchup, no matter the composition of the team (I have seen some people on my team that pick Yasuo even though my team has no other champion with knockups). Sometimes I ban those champions just to prevent them from being picked because I don't want to see them on a battle. Those champions are boring to see because they are picked on EVERY situation. I wonder why people say they are fun. They are NOT fun. Playing as Yasuo is boring. Playing against Yasuo is boring. Playing with a Yasuo on my team is boring. And the same applies to the other champions that I mentioned. There is a difference between a champion that is "overpicked" and a champion that is part of meta. For example, {{champion:421}}, {{champion:68}}, and {{champion:150}} but they aren't "instapicks". Even though they are popular, when you pick Rek'Sai for example, you don't pick her for just no reason other than "I want to pick her". You pick her when you need a tank for jungle, that has a knockup and good map control. If you need a tank with good teamfighting presence, you pick {{champion:113}}. If you need a tank with good dueling potential you pick {{champion:33}} (although he is not part of meta). As for Rumble, you don't pick him just because he is open, you pick him when you need to counterpick something such as {{champion:98}} or {{champion:54}}, or if you want to zone your opponents, because he has such good teamfighting potential. When I see someone picking {{champion:92}} or {{champion:157}} I am always in doubt if they are picking those champions because they are good with them, or because they are counterpicking the enemy, or just because "they are open".
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