The REAL Renekton Build

Possible upload to follow... ranked solo/duo queue. {{item:3071}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3194}} or{{item:3065}} (depending on ap opponents) as core items {{item:3111}} or {{item:3047}} depending on how much cc the enemy team has {{item:3075}} or {{item:3742}} and {{item:3812}} or {{item:3156}} to finish it off Runes: aftershock - get tons of extra armor and mr in fights via your w, some solid base damage early despite only having cleaver for damage items early in game; also, exploits renekton's high hp via items plus hp from ult demolish - can be swapped out, but if you can win the duel vs their splitpusher (mid or toplaner with tp), then this one gives more pressure and options mid/late game conditioning - since you are renekton, you shouldn't have too much trouble laning w/o extra early resistances; go for the scaling if you can; bonus: multiplies resistances from aftershock more overgrowth - same principle as conditioning; you shouldn't need the other options to survive laning; this lets you scale better and multiplies your damage from aftershock some Secondary runes... ult hat - gives you about a 1min cd on ult, so it's basically always there if you need it transcendence - free cdr which is crucial on renekton; also, the KEY to this build; it gives you a free 36 ad by full build other notable options: (instead of ult hat) nullifying orb - for the mr which actually scales nicely off your ad too, gathering storm - for scaling ad... still don't think it is worth in most cases, scorch - for laning phase... helps you get through laning since your other runes and build are all scaling stuff What's so good about this build? You can have overcapped cdr (and turn that cdr into damage) by your 2nd item - or 3rd if you build mr after cleaver. It nets you around 280 armor, 3400hp (not counting ult; 4100ish with ult), around 110 mr, and 270ish ad. Most builds and runes either get you this tanky, but lack the damage to be a mid/late game threat unless you are snowballed or get you 1.5x this much damage (so you can flash 1-shot a carry) but leave you with no durability. Moreover, the ad you get from a build like this is meaningful as opposed to the ad you'd get from building sterak's. This is because sterak's buffs BASE ad; renekton's abilities DO NOT scale off the base ad sterak's provides. Thus all else being equal, a renekton with the same resistances, hp, and damage but with sterak's in his build instead of one like this build... the sterak's renekton loses. So... try this build out on renekton and let me know what you think. Be prepared to get flamed for "trolling" for building {{item:3110}} ; however, it is most certainly not a troll item. For one, it gives tons of resistances for cheap. And while you don't use the mana, it's the only armor item which gives you the cdr you need. So think of it as a 100 armor, aa slow, 24 ad item... because once you overcap cdr, that's exactly what that item gives which no other armor item can... 24 free ad.
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