Level 6 & 7 Mastery.... How you are making us get it has nothing to do with actual Champion Mastery

It shows LUCK. Do you realize what your implementing Riot? Get this box from playing well - but it has a limited amount - Fantastic choice. Love it. Seriously. Now we have to play a million games to get 3 key fragments to unlock this box that will give us a fragment of 1 thing in 3 different categories - Now you are starting to lose me Now we are adding Champ mastery levels 6 & 7 - AWESOME. Finally BUT you have to play 2-3 games of S-,S, or S+ to get a coin to "buy" it from hextech - ok, ok, Play well multiple times to get it. Makes since. OH YEAH, also you will need one of these 2 things. (1.) 800 champion essence which is about 3 champion shards (2.) The champion shard for that specific champion. P.S. Don't forget you have to get 3 champion shards from boxes, or hope you randomly get the exact champion shard that you need. Which is a HILAROUSLY small number. All 120+ champs, all current skins and all legacy skins, all ward skins. And you expect us to either get that one champ or burn 3 others? Geez...
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