I think the new Yi is going to be kind of a problem with crit items (My Opinion)

Today I played on PBE a bit (wanted to get more familiar with Yuumi so since I couldn't try her I played with the guy that picked her on botlane) I noticed the enemy Yi becoming a problem And soon I realized why So Yi's new Q on PBE can now strike one target multiple times (4 times or something like that) if no other units/champions are around The problem is that the Q can crit So if you build Infinity Edge, you have a chance to crit 4 times in a row in one second dealing massive damage Combine that with some lethality and you got yourself the answer to why Master Yi is still considered to be an Assassin and not the Fighter For the people that are curious how much damage this new Yi can deal: (I used death recap so bare with me on this) A Yi that built 2 Infinity Edges (was messing around probably) and a Duskblade dealt 2400 damage in 1.39 seconds Combine that with something like Dark Harvest or Electrocute and if you weren't sadistic before, you will sure be now I will maybe try out the new Yi with this setup and see if this works I would encourage some people to try it too, maybe you will have fun idk These were my thoughts about the new Yi currently on PBE Hopefully the crit build will not be the meta on him Thank you for reading
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