53.05% Ban Rate, 14.27% Pick Rate, 53.61% Mid Win Rate and 54.89% Top Win Rate

This is the current state of Zed in games Platinum plus. If this were on a mage or a champion that required more than pushing three buttons and missing almost every ability and still killing someone, Riot would hot-fix nerf them. Commence the downvoting! Edit: I get a lot of comments about the "coming nerfs" Strange thing about this... They are also buffing Coup de Grace in the same patch..... hmm. -10 Damage +1% damage when below 40%.. Like Zed's Passive.. Almost like this was on purpose? Edit 2: I notice a lot of dishonesty in discussing Zed. His Q Buff is not being reverted, it is being lessened. The AD% is remaining at 10% higher. The shadow is also not being nerfed, it is being lessened. The re-cast range is remaining the same. The Attack Speed buff remains the same, which helps with CS. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
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